Short Rows

German Short Rows (my name for them) are a fantastic way to do short row shaping for shoulders and bust darts, as well as many other applications.  They are best used with stockinette fabric.

The first video explains how to work short rows when starting from a purl side.

This second one demonstrates how do work them when starting from a knit side


Short Rows — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Rox,
    I am trying to do these wraps..
    When you are on the purl rows you keep saying KNIT to 5 sts to the end.. But you are PURLING.. right??
    Shouldn’t you be saying PURL?? Or am I just confused??

    THanks Penny

  2. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. Your message got lost in a VERY long list of spam comments.

    I usually try to use the phrase “work until 5 sts to the end” or something similar when the type of stitch can vary, but sometimes I forget to do that and use the word “knit” in its generic sense, rather than its specific meaning. If it’s a purl row, then yes, you should be purling. Substitute the phrase “work to 5 sts to the end,” and the meaning should be clear: you’re working in stockinette, so knit the sts that present as knits and purl sts that present as purls.

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