Criss Cross

Last fall I designed a scarf (shawlette, really) that I ended up loving, so I knit it in two additional yarn weights and worked out two different lengths, and then I got a bunch of Ravelers to test knit it, too.  They gave me great feedback on the design (which they all enjoyed knitting) and on the pattern presentation (for which they gave me lots of great advice).

Here it is, Criss Cross.  You can buy it as a PDF Download from Ravelry.

The shawlette was a lot of fun to design and uses a couple of techniques which are easy to learn if you don’t already know them (including the now-famous German Short Row technique).

The pattern has written instructions and charted instructions, and includes photo tutorials.  PDF is laid out so that you can avoid printing photos and just print the instructions (with or without the charts).  My test knitters gave me lots of great suggestions for making this pattern accessible and knitter friendly.

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