Master of the Knit

I am officially a Master Hand Knitter, having successfully passed Level III of the The Knitting Guild Association‘s Master Hand Knitting program (two different links there).  Took me 7 1/2 years from the time I started Level I until I passed Level III.  I took many, sometimes lengthy, breaks while working through the program, but now I’m finished, so yay, me!  It’s been perhaps the longest, most difficult project I’ve ever done.  It’s weird to be finished.

So.  Now what?

Well, other than possibly getting a tattoo to commemorate my accomplishment, I’m launching this website.  It will replace my neglected blog (which will remain where it is), and as a way to continue my Ask a Knitter column I wrote for several years for Ravelry’s This Week in Ravelry newsletter.  If you’ve never seen the column, you can find links to the the archived articles here.

My plan is to write a post once a week, post a new video tutorial once a week, and a new pattern once a month.  I’ll also periodically post an Ask a Knitter column which will go in-depth into a topic.  I’ll also post my teaching schedule, so you can find out what I’m up to in the classroom.


Master of the Knit — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve been a subscriber of your YouTube channel and a fan of your’s on Ravelry for a while and am so happy to see a new website. I never followed your blog (didn’t know about it!), but will definitely be adding this one to my Reader. :) Looking forward to more posts.

    Oh! and congratulations on the great accomplishment. I have never considered doing the program, have not been knitting very long, but yay, you for doing it!

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